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"Supporting women to live their wisdom"
Work with Karen to build confidence in your gifts and compassion in your offerings of trade. Learn to employ new systems and skills of collaboration and communication to flourish in the new economy.

Get clear on what's needed for you to truly shine in the next chapter of your life by freeing yourself of your limitations with compassion.

If you want to realise a meaningful and enjoyable  entrepreneurial reality, then compassionately learning how to trust your "authentic business self" is the path. 

Together we'll find your genuine creative expression, your own "personal HUMAN brand" and I'll genuinely hold space for you to carve your own path to fulfillment in business and life.

Coaching with me includes deepening your comfort in front of camera to share your stories for business, as well as guidance in setting up your online digital brand and the deep support you'll need to get clarity about your personal expression and launch your first pilot program.

With compassion I'll support you to resonate with your tribe, and connect and serve their needs and yours too.

Launch your own purpose business or social enterprise with self compassion, relaxation and clarity so your wellbeing and your business plan deeply compliment one another.

What's your business dream?
  • Who do you want to serve and is the niche you've chosen defined enough?

  • How are you going to connect with your startup clients, or how are you going to start asking them to pay if they're all around you and used to getting you for free?

  • Do you have a schedule for writing and publishing your content and do you stick to it?

  • Are you looking to speak or share stories publicly but don't know where to start?

  • Would you enjoy the flexibility of working online or in a physical space that expresses your values or both?  Maybe there's more gypsy in you and you like the sound of retreats? Or maybe you're thinking about speaking gigs in new places to reach new audiences?

  • Maybe your thinking about a course or perhaps pulling a book together as an important contribution?

Whatever your new business model is, I can help you clarify it and make sure it really supports the lifestyle you actually need and want at this point in your life.

Truth is, those questions above need answering otherwise you could spend another year or ten or more just spinning your wheels.

I know myself It's SO much easier when you have a friend or two who understand the journey and can support you to find the answers in time effective ways... people who are living the same journey as you and have experience where you don't. 



It can be really compelling to follow and purchase from the "big guru's" who've "already made it" in the space or industry you're in.

Sometimes though, it's a path to disappointment not only because HOW they made it to 'the top' might not align with you, or because what they're teaching is already out of date or to much of a "formula" that you don't get the personal attention you need for the vulnerabilities that are part of your unique process. So you can get stuck unaided with their programs or disappointed because you can't make the most of their resources.

What you want instead is someone who's been learning to surf the creative current in purposeful entrepreneurship for a long time. Someone who's already built from scratch and created programs with paying clients and knows how to run memberships and run community and business events. Someone who's in there beside you, who can turn up to your events and take you new places in self expressing through your business.

You want someone who's also doing that FRESH, who's building there own new venture right now, just a step ahead of you so their feedback is immediately current to the environment you're building your business in now too. Someone with their finger on the creative pulse who's become experienced with it's eccentricities. Not someone whose glossy marketing captures you, rather someone who's real and has vulnerabilities too... whose own skills in authentic communication mean that no matter what evolves in your 'mentorfriend' relationship, that you can trust their support is genuinely from the heart and their word and experience is reliable.

What's Next?
Book Some Time to Explore YOUR purpose.

First let's get compassionately connected to your business and what your personal expression might look like through your business... I'm curious to start with the question "What are the 3 qualities that radiate from you to your tribe/online community already and... why?"

Then I ask "What are the unique stories and lessons from your life so far that make you and your business special?" we'll go deep to discover what's there for you and how you can live your gifts with more clarity, power & love.

Hi thanks for your interest. This is the page where you can book a time to find out more about "Wise Women Rising". I invite you to book a time if you'd be interested ...
Curiosity Call 'Wise Women Exchange'
15 min

Launch your Wellbeing Business!

Love your life as a conscious entrepreneur. It's time to share your authentic work and let your true gifts shine.

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